Our Ethos

Values, Vision, Mission

Values Values
  • Demonstrate Responsibility: Caring Longevity of the organisation and Sustainability for the world we live in
  • Build Trust: Relationships based on Humility, Integrity, Intent, Capability, and Results
  • Pursue Knowledge: Profound Knowledge and Wisdom, based on Practice and Reflection
  • Focus on People: Respect and Nurturing of Everyone connected with the team
  • Act with Concern for Clients: Intimacy with Customer Needs and Delivery of World-Class Solutions
  • Live the CI Way: Demonstrate Continuous Improvement (Mindset & Practice)
Vision Vision

Inspired by the Eagle, soaring higher, providing aspirational recognition in excellence for organisations, in every sector, everywhere

Mission Mission

Facilitating organisations in their quest for excellence by leveraging contemporary diagnostic tools & practices, aligned with the CI way

Fair Play Policy

  • Value Derived through Passion for Excellence
  • Performance along CI of Key Metrics to be Focus of Evaluation
  • Sustenance activities to be evaluated
  • Maturity Levels to be decided based on above three points
  • Merit Performance, to be the sole criteria
  • Discounts and Canvassing strongly discouraged
  • Assessors to be bound by strict code of conduct

Relevantly Passionate?

If you are experienced and a passionate disciple of Operational Excellence; If you believe that you can add value to the Industry with your knowledge and expertise of lean principles, we may be interested to have a dialogue. Do drop in a word at imexi@kaizenhansei.in, with either a brief description of yourself, or the connect to your LinkedIn page and we will call you.